Ishqbaaz 6th December 2017 Written Update Written Episode

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Ishqbaaz 6th December 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Ishqbaaz 7th December 2017 Precap

Ishqbaaz 6th December 2017 Written Update Written Episode starts with Anika getting angry with Svetlana. Svetlana cunningly tells Anika in front of Oberoi family members that Gauri is helpless and has to depend on Anika and Shivay for everything. She also says that Gauri can be a good maid but that’s not the job of Oberoi daughter in laws.

Tej angrily saying in front of Shakti, Pinky and Dadi as why did Shivay not part with his shares and that of OmRu. FB Rudra is buying new bike.  Tej comes there with Tia holding his hand. The dealer of the bike asks for the payment. Rudra offers his credit card. Dealer says the price is 10 lacs and asks whether the credit card has enough limit. Rudra says his card has enough limit to pay 50 lacs. The dealer swipes the card but informs that the payment has been declined.

Rudra feels there might be some internet issue. But again after swiping the card gets declined.  So Tej offers his card. That too is declined. Tej complains that the machine might be faulty. That moment Svetlana enters the room and says that its not the machine their time is bad. She says that her money should not be wasted on such things. She insists that the bike should be returned. There comes Shivays and gives his card. The payment is cleared.

Both Shivay and Rudra hug. Shivay tells Svetlana that Rudy will get all he desires for. She walks out of the room.  All Oberio family have a happy moment when Dadi gets a ride on the bike at home itself. Tia talks to Tej saying that she knows what is meant by financial crisis. Very sweetly she tells Tej that Shivay will take care of everybodys needs. She also suggests that Shivay should give money to all family members according to their needs on monthly basis. Shivay is busy in his thoughts when Anika enters the room, He tries to leave the room. Anika says she is glad that Shivay bought the bike for Rudra. Shivay tells her that he can do anything for his brothers. But then she says that she can’t believe that Shivay has given OmRus shares to Svetlana. Shivay tells her this is a business issue. Anika says it’s not the business but a family issue. With teary eyes, she tells Shivay that the real Ishqbazz guy not only shares his love but also the problems also. She is asking for her right to know the truth. Shivay turns his back on Anika and leaves the room telling her that he has to prepare for an important presentation. Svetlana is seen accepting flowers from a group of an NGO females to whom she has given a hefty donation. She calls Gauri and tells her that the NGO gives useful things for needy people and that NGO has got a sewing machine for Gauri. Gauri looks very reluctant. Svetlana clicks a selfie all of them and Gauri and asks to give publicity. Anika tries to ask for an explanation.  Svetlana says that Gauri is uneducated and has an unemployed husband and that Shivay has taken aways Gauri’s right. So she has tried to help Gauri.  She cunningly says that in a true way Gauri could be a good maid but that job is not meant for Oberoi Daughter in laws. In a fit of anger, Anika says she will slap Svetlana. That very moment Svetlana warns her dare she does that. Gauri stops her. She prays at the sewing machine and says that lacs of females run their household due to this machine. But a female like Svetlana who survives on others money will never understand this. Tej gets angry and asks Svetlana how she dared to do something like that with Gauri. Svetlana reminds Tej that this is her house and instigates Tej. Anika apologizes to Gauri, Gauri and Anika hug. Pinky blames Tej for Omkara and Rudra’s fate. Bhavya reaches bus stand and remembers Rudra’s words, Soumya reaches there in Bhavya’s search. Bhavya gets the ticket, Bhavya has a hit and miss with Soumya. Dadi consoles Tej, Tej blames Shivaay for the bad times. Pinky gets annoyed with Tej. Ticket seller tells Soumya about Bhavya, she checks in the bus while Bhavya is out. Soumya gets out of the bus, Bhavya gets in, Soumya sees Bhavya, bus starts, Soumya runs after the bus, Soumya falls, bus leaves. Pinky fights with Tej for Shivaay and Anika. Tej screams why Shivaay did not give his shares to Svetlana, Tej says he will sue him. Dadi starts crying as Pinky and Tej scream at each other. Dadi cries bitterly. Tia sees Dadi and thinks there is much more havoc to take place.


Dadi tells Anika that relationships have changed and the hatred has creeped in, Anika says everyone is angry with Shivaay as everyone loves him. Anika says soon the misunderstandings will be cleared.


13 thoughts on “Ishqbaaz 6th December 2017 Written Update Written Episode”

  1. Boring episode.. ….i don’t understand serial ki 12 baja di hai……shivay ek strong person hai.. …..itni easily kaise trap Ho Sakta hai.. …….and omru ki serial main space phir say kam Kar di hai.. Omru main character hai but inki to Koi position hi Nahi hai.. ……puri story sirf shivika and inke enemy’s k bich hi hai

      1. Saali…agar shivika pasand nahi hai to apni chut ko band karke rakh……kya har baar rikara rikara karti hai…???agar rikara ko itni hi miss karti hai to jake gul khan ke husband ko tere saath raat bitane ko manale……voh apni biwi ko rikara ke scene add karne ko mana lenge……kutti kameeni suvar….gaandu. teri gaand..sana..!!!

    1. Dont worry miss anu ,
      There wil be some twist…..i love shivika….nd i m nakuul baby fan…..ur waiting for rikara sences….soon it wil be …..soo dont worry……

  2. Not so much like it☺☺btw…i like sso today….old tadibaaz sso…with old hairstyle,tadi n old angry avtar.totally love it.😍😍😍bt sssooo plsssssssssssssssss make the family stronger.i know u can do this….bt do this early……love u soooooooooooooo much😘😘😘n this sultanani….😡😡😡ignore her………waiting for tomorows episode……..luv u shivika’rikara n ruvya ishqbaaaaaazzzzzziiiiiiii banay rakh na………..bst of obros n urs lady love!!!!!😄😄😄😄

  3. nt gd like other’s episode. Bt luv it as always…..plssss SSO knock out sultu.I hate sooo much.bst evil!!!!…..i miss shivika rikara n ruvya moments.dnt know whn we can see this…aprt from this…..luv u shivika rikara n ruvya.

    1. Heyyyy……guyssss…..kunal had gone for a trip…..he is enjoying himself…..i saw his pics.he was looking sooooo cute….his fans was taking pics with him… lucky they r!!!!!!! N nakuul whom i looooovvvvvveeeee most he also enjoying yaaaaarrrrrrrr……..n um also waiting fr omru…….bt still in confusion that they r ib mission or not!!!!!whatever jst enjoy it…………n cmnt positive. Dnt give negative……love u all guysss…..hey….i miss aditi sooooo much…..where is she????any wrong????btw… n8 all talented comenters!!!!! 🙋🙋🙋😴😴😴

  4. You are right Anu and Shanaya……….. plzzzzzzzzz yaaaaarrrrrrrrr show OmRu story………….. I’m biggest fan of Kunal and Leenesh as like as Nakul………… I miss their story………… and plzzzzzzzzz close this Faltu Svetlana track soooonnnnnn………… it’s sooooo borringggggggg………….Sorry to say but now ISHQbaaazzzzzzzz become Borringgggggggbbbbaazzz…………plz yaaaaarrrrrrrrr make IB puraanawaala Happywaala…………love you a lot Shivika RiKara and RuVya……………….. n one more question that Where is Abhay…????????

    1. I can give ur question…..abhay is working with gul khan for a new serial in star bharat. So he will not see anymore in bye abhayyyy… we have to tolorate sultu😡😡😡😡😡stay in calm guysssssss…….

  5. Thanks Shanaya…….I know but my question is Abhay ko bich main hi kaise gayyab kiya without any background. ………..and one more thing …Ritu babesss what’s this language yaaaarrrrrrr…….jaise tum Shivika ki fan ho waise hi Sana RiKara ki fan hai yaaarrrrrrr…….toh woh RiKara seen dekhana hi zyada pasand karegi na……..also I am RiKara and RuVya fan. ………soooo plzzzz don’t get negative …………we are IB fans ….and IB sirf Shivika ka nahi balki Shiv-Om-Ru ka hai………actually I’m biggest fan of Shiv-Om-Ru’s Jodi more than Shivika RiKara and RuVya jodi. ………..ISHQbaazzzzz is very special show becoz this is based on Brotherhood story ……..and it’s amazing to see their Khidakitod Brotherhood. ……… you a lot Shivika RiKara and RuVya. ……and also love you soòoòoo much Shiv-Om-Ru…………

    1. He is going to lead in a main male role n its a horror romantic movie.he is busy with that n gul khan confirmed in ib sultu will b the main evil.i guess abahay confirmed his defeat.dnt know how will they manage it!!!!!! N right nitibha…..ritu dnt use such word.whn me n suhana talked with her gently from that day she changed her habit so much n cmnt in little positive.i believe she will start love ib soon…… its a ib family…n in family we should nt talk like yes if anybody say against abt ib then we will not tolorate this. Bt sana had changed more from before.we all love ib n we r ib family
      I dnt want any qurrels now.hope that u all guys dnt want too.jst remember that we r ib family. ….😍

  6. everyone knows shivika is best bt sana had just shared her view.. u r not supposed to insult her always. mind ur tongue.. saying always abt her character shows ur character. so shut ur mouth.

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