Ishqbaaz 9th February 2018 Written Update: Shivaay gets helpless in Oberoi Mansion auction

Feb 09, 2018

Ishqbaaz 9th February 2018 Written Update and Ishqbaaz 12th February 2018 Precap

Pinky hugs Anika and Shivaay emotionally. Shivaay and Anika apologize to Jhanvi, she hugs Shivika. Oberoi brothers and Oberoi Bahus keep Ram and Sita idols in their respective place. The officer warns ShivOmRu that the Oberoi Mansion will be auctioned off at any cost, Shivaay says he himself will bid in auction for Oberoi Mansion, Officer says Shivaay's name is not in the registered list of the buyers, the first name in the registered buyers' list turns out to be ShivOmRu constructions, Soumya gets annoyed thinking Veer's plan is flopped. Shivaay says Oberoi Mansion will always be theirs. Veer thinks that today Shivaay is going to lose everything even his family and Anika. Shivaay takes the responsibility of buying the Oberoi Mansion in the auction, Anika gets worried about the auction. Shivaay asks Anika to trust him as he is about to get money out of a business deal. Bidders gather for the auction. Media covers the auction, Veer sends his men for the auction and instructs them. Veer feels happy thinking Shivaay has no money to bid in the auction.

Ishqbaaz 9th February 2018 Written Update

Soumya feels happy thinking about Shivaay's fate. The officer puts up gas burner for auction and starts the bid at 5 thousand rupees, Veer's man bids 5 lakh rupees for it, Shivaay and Oberoi family gets shocked. Shivaay realizes that he is Veer's man. Shivaay gets tensed as he doesn't receive money in his account. The officers laugh at Oberoi family. Rudra's bike comes up next for the auction, Veer's man buys it. Omkara's painting of Gauri comes up for auction for 30 lakhs, Rikara get emotional, Shivaay gets restless about not receiving money, Omkara's painting gets sold. Next thing comes up is cradle, Dadi gets emotional, it gets sold too. Jewelry sets get sold in the auction. Shivaay gets restless, Jhanvi and Pinky cry. Shivaay apologizes to Anika, she says Shivaay is her real jewel. Oberoi family gathers around Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra see Tej entering and try to stop him angrily. Jhanvi feels concerned, Soumya thinks Tej has forgotten everything, flashback shows Veer throwing Tej on the road. Tej gets annoyed to see Shivaay and Anika back and starts humiliating them. Tej insults Omkara and Rudra, Omkara blames Tej for the situation, Tej gets confused and gets shocked to know about Oberoi Mansion's auction. Dadi screams at Tej and slaps him, Soumya feels happy.


Veer thinks Shviaay will soon be destroyed, Oberoi Mansion is about to get sold for 150 Cr when Shivaay puts up a bid for 500 Cr, all get shocked.


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