Ishqbaaz Latest News: Shivaay's finacial struggle starts as Tej and Veer team up

Jan 31, 2018

Ishqbaaz Upcoming Twist: Shivaay faces huge trouble from Veer and Tej

The upcoming episode of Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz will show a huge twist as Shivaay gets a shocking phone call from the construction site, Shivaay leaves. Shivaay gets gutted to see his construction getting burnt. Anika calls Shivaay and gets worried hearing Shivaay's sound, he covers up. Anika tells Shivaay to think about Rudra's wedding preparations. Shivaay wonders about all the bad things that are happening with him. Shivaay calls Shakti, Shakti gets worried about him but gives him hope. Shakti says kind words to Shivaay and tells him to follow Lord Rama's path. Shakti takes promise from Shivaay that he will keep trying relentlessly. Tej and Veer get happy to see him, Tej warns Veer about Shivaay. Shivaay calls the insurance company for the claim. Tej keeps a watch on Shivaay and feels happy. Insurance company refuses to settle the claim and blames Shivaay for burning down the construction, Anika overhears and gets worried. Veer thinks of getting Shivaay's bank credentials, Tej informs Veer that Shivaay writes the credentials in a diary which is kept in the safe. Shivaay covers up in front of Anika, she tells him about finalizing the jewelry.

Ishqbaaz Latest News: Shivaay clears Rudra's anxiety

Anika tells Shivaay about buying Bhavya's wedding attire and jewelry, Shivaay gets tensed. Lily assures Veer and Tej that she will get the passwords. Anika and rest shop for the jewelry. Tej informs Lily to go to Shivaay's room, Dadi and others tease Rudra. Lily hides in the kitchen as Gauri approaches, before Gauri can see Lily, Khanna calls Gauri out. Rudra starts getting worried. Anika and Gauri continue teasing Rudra. Lily gets in Shivaay's room as guided by Tej. Rudra gets annoyed and leaves the room. Lily opens Shivaay's cupboard, Rudra tries to open Shivaay's room, Lily gets worried, Shivaay stops Rudra and questions Rudra's worry. Lily opens the safe and looks for diary. Tej tells Lily to get the red colored box, she takes the chit from the box. Lily tries to close the safe as Shivaay tells marriage philosophy to Rudra. A box falls on Lily's head, she becomes unconscious. Tej gets worried. Shivaay comes to the room and keeps hte box back. Lily is seen unconscious under Shivaay's bed. Rudra shares his worry of spending whole life with Bhavya, Shivaay tells Rudra that it is the most beautiful thing. Veer and Tej get worried. Shivaay tells Rudra to close his eyes and think about the person who gives the most happiness to Rudra and he wants to spend his entire life with, Rudra sees Bhavya. Rudra feels happy. Tej decides to sneak in the house.

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