Ishqbaaz Latest: Veer's truth comes in front of Shivaay and Anika

Feb 06, 2018

Ishqbaaz Latest News: Veer reveals his reality in front of Anika, Shivika shocked

Rudra and Omkara approach Anika aka Mrs. Khan, she gets cautious. Mrs. Khan makes drama of getting dizzy and falls in Shivaay's arms, Shivaay sneaks her out, Veer decides to find her truth. Shivaay warns Anika to be careful before letting her go in the car. Anika sees a car following her by a man wearing a mask and informs Shivaay, he follows them. Veer decides to stop Mrs. Khan from helping Shivaay. Shivaay gets worried about Anika. Anika's car stops suddenly for road being closed, Veer gets out wearing mask, Shivaay's car tyre gets burst, Shivaay runs to find Anika. Anika runs seeing masked man, Veer follows her. Shivaay gets shocked to hear about Anika from the driver. Anika tries to run away from masked Veer. Suddenly masked Veer comes in front of Anika, Shivaay looks for Anika. Veer ties up Anika in a closed dark place, she gets determined to not let the masked man know her truth.

Ishqbaaz News: Shivaay and Anika plan against Veer

Shivaay finds Anika's bag and phone and gets worried. Veer warns Mrs. Khan from making a business deal with Shivaay or else she will be killed. Shivaay reaches the dark place and hopes to get a sign from Anika. Anika sees Shivaay through the window, she decides to keep quiet to not alert the masked man. Veer makes a circle around Anika with petrol also puts petrol on Anika. Veer demands to see Anika's face before killing her. Veer says even the dying person should know who killed her, Veer removes his mask, Anika gets shocked. Shivaay sees them from the wondow and gets shocked. Veer says he is the one who is destroying Shivaay's life and has the rights to decide who will die when. Veer lights up the lighter, fire starts engulfing, Veer leaves. Shivaay risks his life to save Anika, she tries to send him away, Shivaay frees Anika. Shivaay gets Anika out, Shivaay gets annoyed with Anika for getting her life in danger. Both get shocked at the realization that Veer is their enemy. Veer feels happy thinking Mrs. Khan is dead. Shivaay wonders what is Veer's motive against him. Both decide to plan against Veer.

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