Ishqbaaz News: Pinky plans for Shivika wedding function with evil motive

Sep 12, 2017

Ishqbaaz Latest News: Pinky asks Dadi to convince Shivaay for function planned by Pinky

The upcoming episode of Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz will bring in a new twist in the ongoing drama of Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika's (Surbhi Chandna) wedding. While everything is going on well amid Shivaay and Anika, looks like Shivaay's mother Pinky is once again ready to strike against Shivaay and Anika's love and marriage. Ishqbaaz serial is also showing some mysterious track where Dadi and Shakti are trying to hide some secret of Oberoi family from Anika and the rest of the young generation, the drama will surely start unfolding in the upcoming episodes. As seen till now in Ishqbaaz, Anika has confessed her love to Shivaay while Shivaay is now struggling to express his feelings to Anika. Meanwhile, Shivika, Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh), Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo), Bhavya (Mansi Srivastava) and Jhanvi (Mreenal Deshraj) are on the mission to find Svetlana's motive of returning in the Oberoi Mansion and to rescue Tej. Amid all this, Pinky is still dead against Anika and feels that Anika is the reason behind all the mishaps in the Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay warns Pinky time and again to keep away from Anika and him, however, Pinky keeps trying to pollute Shivaay's mind against Anika. Moreover, Pinky creates a huge cry for getting sidelined in Shivika wedding functions. In the upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz serial, Pinky will decide to get Anika out of Shivaay's life any how and will plan a function for Shivaay - Anika wedding with a evil motive. Pinky will plead to Dadi for convincing Shivaay to accept Pinky's gesture. Anika will overhear Pinky and Dadi's conversation and will feel bad for Pinky. What is Pinky up to? Will she separate Shivaay  Anika again? Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Ishqbaaz serial.

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