Ishqbaaz News: Shivaay and Anika return to the Oberoi Mansion to stop auction

Feb 08, 2018

Ishqbaaz Latest News: Veer plans auction of Oberoi Mansion, Oberoi family shocked

Shweta runs towards Shivaay and Anika, Anika talks lovingly to Shweta and asks her to tell the truth. Shivaay explains Pinky promise to  Shweta and encourages her to tell the truth. Shweta tells them Veer is not her father and has blackmailed her parents to make her act as his daughter. Shivika get shocked. Omkara tells Jhanvi about the heart-attack drama. Omkara speaks against Tej, Jhanvi gets worried. Shivaay decides to confront Veer, Anika tries t stop him. They get shocked to see Veer's empty house and get shocked. Shivaay fees that Veer is planning something big against them. Veer gets happy thinking about getting Tej drunk and getting the legal document signed from him. Veer pities Shivaay and Anika. Income  Tax people enter the Oberoi Mansion and start marking every possession. Oberoi family gets shocked, the officer informs Omkara that Oberoi Mansion is getting auctioned in two hours, he shows the papers to Omkara.

Ishqbaaz Latest: Shivaay and Anika unite with Oberoi family

All get shocked to know that Tej signed the auction papers, Soumya gets happy. Shivaay gets the intuition of Veer playing against his family. Shivaay and Anika see Monali, Shivika confront her, Monali reveals that Veer is not her husband. Oberoi family tries to stop the auction of their possessions. Monali refuses to reveal anything about Veer as she is scared of him. Frame of ShivOmRu falls and breaks into pieces. Monali reveals that Veer is evil and will kill her if she reveals everything and runs away. The officer stops Rudra from beating the other man, Dadi gets paranoid with the happenings. Dadi says this situation will be rectified only when Shivaay returns home, Dadi cries for Shivaay. The officer stops Omkara from calling Shivaay. The officers put everything up for auction and collect everyone's phones. The officers take Ram and Sita idols, Dadi objects, the officer pushes Dadi, Dadi falls in Shivaay's arms, Shivika return. Dadi cries in Shivaay's arms. Shivaay beats the officer for pushing Dadi. Obros and Oberoi Bahus hug each other. Shakti and Pinky get emotional seeing Shivika, Pinky hugs Shivaay, Shakti hugs Anika.


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