Ishqbaaz News: Shivaay shocked to see his bank balance, Soumya turns villain

Feb 01, 2018

Ishqbaaz Upcoming: Soumya transfers Shivaay's money, Soumya wants to marry Rudra

Tej sneaks in Shivaay's home, Anika comes looking for Shivaay and Rudra, Tej hides. Veer turns off the power to Tej find Lily, Omkara goes to check. Tej finds Lily, deletes his number from her phone, and takes Lily with him. Omkara hears a sound, Tej hides. Soumya distracts Omkara, and takes him away. Tej puts Lily in the chair and looks for a way out. Rudra comes there and thinks of Lily as Anika. Suddenly, Anika comes from behind, both get shocked. Rudra gets confused, Tej sneaks away with Lily. Soumya gets hurt in the dark and opens the door. Shivaay fixes the power, everyone gets relieved and laughs.Tej leaves with Lily, her bracelet falls on the ground, Shivaay misses seeing it. Before Shivaay and Anika can see the bracelet, a girl'd hand is seen taking the bracelet. Next day, Veer tells Tej that they need Shivaay's phone to get One Time Passwords. Lily says she will get Shivaay's phone, a girl kicks Lily's chair. Tej gets shocked to see as the girl turns out to be Soumya. Anika and Gauri put the jewelry in front of the God. Soumya says Lily won't be able to get Shivaay's phone and joins hand with Veer. Soumya reveals that she was the one to help Tej to flee.

Ishqbaaz Latest: Tej to get Soumya married to Rudra

Soumya reminds Tej that she is Rudra's wife and she couldn't forget it. Soumya reveals that she loves Rudra. Soumya tells Tej that she wants to marry Rudra and wants Tej's help as their enemy is same, Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Soumya blames Shivaay for her situation. Tej welcomes Soumya to the Oberoi family. Shivaay speaks to lawyer on the phone for legal formalities against the insurance company as he needs money. Anika gets worried, Shivaay covers up. Soumya comes with fruit basket so that Shivaay's phone gets dropped o the table. Some kids come and ask for a selfie with Shivika. Soumya tries to take Shivaay's phone, Shivaay holds her hand and pulls her in for the selfie. Shivaay goes away, the kids take Shivaay's phone and run away. Jeweler comes to meet Shivaay with the bill, Shivaay gives credit card to swipe. Soumya follows the kids. Anika looks for Shivaay, Soumya gets worried. Shivaay's card gets declined, Shivaay gets shocked, Veer gets happy. Anika comes, Shivaay makes an excuse and sends her away. Khanna brings Shivaay's phone, he calls the bank, the Manager tells Shivaay's money has been transferred to foreign account and the transaction has been verified through phone banking. Shivaay gets shocked, FB shows Soumya giving candies to the kids to get the phone and doing the transaction through his phone. The jeweler taunts Shivaay and asks the jewelry back. Shivaay asks for one hour for the payment.

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