Ishqbaaz Upcoming Story: Veer burns Shivaay's plot leaving Shivaay shocked

Jan 30, 2018

Ishqbaaz News: Omkara and Rudra learn about Tej's fake heart attack

The upcoming episode of Star Plus' popular show Ishqbaaz is up for some shocking twist in tale. Tej shows his hatred for Shivaay and blames him for separating his sons away. Besides, he also tells Shivaay about his fake heart attack drama which makes Anika shocked. Fortunately, Omkara and Rudra also learn about Tej's fake heart attack drama. Omru pack Tej's luggage and asks him to leave. Tej is furious looking at Shivomru's brotherhood. Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra share an emotional moment together. On the other hand, Veer plans his conspiracy against Shivaay. Veer decides to ruin Shivaay's name and all his property. Veer reaches near Shivaay's plot and he burns it with his goons. Shivaay feels that everything is falling apart and is upset. Later, Shivaay gets a shocking call.

Veer destroys Shivaay's plot 

Veer tells Tej about his plans. Veer destroys everything and asks Tej to wait and watch how Shivaay will conduct the wedding of Rudra and Bhavya. Meanwhile, Shivaay is in major shock looking at his plot burn. Find out on Ishqbaaz. Stay tuned for more gossips and twists. 

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