Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 14 July 2017 written episode written update

Jul 13, 2017

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 14 July 2017 written episode written update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 written episode written update starts with When Advay returns from the bhog he remembers that he saw the same Payal he had seen 16 years ago on the lady who had put the voodoo doll in his house on the widow’s leg. He remembers how his mother was burned alive because she was accused of black magic. (FB) Indrani gives the lady money to end Mahantani aka Advays mom. Indrani understands that it was Aasha the widow that was blackmailing her.(FB over) Indrani and her sisters meet Aasha secretively, Aasha asks for the money. Advay runs to the vashishts house again to find her, Indrani gives Aasha some Jewellary in a treasure trove but a snake comes out of it and bites Aasha on her head and she dies on the spot. Advay sees the trail of blood and the payal and understands that Indrani killed her. Advay sees a commotion on the streets and sees Aashas dead body. Advay tells murti that it’s a very imp day for them as well as the Vashist’s because today the doors of the temple will open. Advay tells him that if the Vashists find the treasure his revenge will end before beginning and if will not let that happen. Chandni is being flowered and indrani is seen very happy to find the treasure today. Meghna asks the pandit about the legend that the doors open by the casting of the shiv murtis shadow and the pandits tell her that it’s a true tale and it happens only in 16 years and there is a device for which you need to chant certain mantras that only their father Yash Narayan Vashisht knows. Chandni makes her understand that it’s a combination of both science and religion. Chandni leaves from there and meets Advay, when she starts walking away her bangle tangles with his kada. Advay tauts her that her family has made a lot of progress, once they were not even worth sitting on the steps of the mandir and now they have become the owners. Chandni tells him that it’s not about the worth but the good intension. Advay tells her that her intensions are darker than the dark nights. He again pulls her towards him and tells him that what you did was all because of the money but I will never let the treasure fall in her family’s hand. A man is being scared in the elevator by a masked man. Later Mickoo is seen making fun of the man. When he sees that Shikha entering the elevator he gets excited, but it doesn’t affect her and she starts hitting the prankster. Mickoo stops Shikha and tells her that he was just pranking her and she shouldn’t have beaten her up. Shikha doesn’t hear any of it as she has earphones plugged in. she thinks that the ghost was hitting on her so she gave him a dose. The aarti begins and someone comes in and tells them that heavy rains have started. The pandit tells them that if the doors don’t open again everything will be finished. Indrani gets upset and goes to the mahadev cave and tells him that whatever she did was for her family and her kids, and that’s how his world rules. Chandni comes there and assures her that the doors will open. Its shown that Advay uses some instruments to start a cloud burst and succeed.

Precap:- Chandni enters Advays room and starts intruding. When Advay comes there she hides under the bed but Advay finds her and tells her to come out. He pulls her towards himself and whispers something

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