Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 17th July 2017 written episode written update

Jul 16, 2017

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 17th July 2017 written episode written update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 written episode written update stars with Chandni gets Indrani inside and Chandni tells everyone that there is no abshagun and there is still hope and she tells them that the doors will still open with the mantras that her father knows. Advay says that the doors will still not open. Advay enters Narayans room and gives him milk, meanwhile Chandni comes in and takes the glass from him and tell Advay to take blessings and leave. Narayan asks Advay what he has come here for he tells him that he’s here to pay off all his parents’ depths and leaves. Narayan tells Chandni that hes a nice guy and he can see truth in his eyes. Chandni tells him that he has to go and chant the mantras to open the door. When Narayan goes towards the doors he faints,FB while taking his blessings he pricks his foot with a drugged needle FB over. Indrani tells Chandni that she’s lost and she couldn’t give her daughters the treasure, she tells them that she is very disappointed with what happened. Chandni tells her that they’ve already got their treasure and that her their mother. She tells her that she cannot lose and she has to win this fight. Indrani tells them that there’s someone else who’s taking a revenge from them. Chandni remembers Advay. Advay draws a drape on Chandnis portrait, Murli leaves Advays room to go to the pani puri stall and Chandni sneaks in Advays room and is disgusted with all the mess, she tries to see what’s behind the curtain but hears Advays footsteps and hides under the bedroom. Advay sees Chandni hiding and tells her to come out, and to be careful but she still hits her head, Advay ask her if she can ever do a single thing properly, she remembers Dev saying the same thing to her. Chandni asks him why he’s come in her life and what was he doing in her father’s room, she tells him that he went there to poison him. Chandni blackmails him saying that if he ever does anything like this again hell pay for it. He challenges her that a needle never challenges a sword. She tells him that she’s not scared of him. Advay goes near her and takes her hand and whispers to her to open her eyes when she does he tells her his complete name. Meanwhile, Mickoo is playing another plan on a girl and Shikha come there, his friend tries to prank her, the boy asks her out and Shikha beats him up. When Chandni leaves the room she sees a noodle sticking out of her and she screams and looks at Advay and is disgusted when a tea bag sticks to her hand. Advay comes and removes it. Advay tells her that se was asking something and drinks all the milk he had got for Narayan. Chandni leaves.

Precap:- Chandni tells Shikha to catch the knife but it hits Advay instead. Indrani tells Advay that she never makes mistakes. Indrani informs the family that Advay will be living in their house from now on because he’s bought the house.

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