Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 1st August 2017 written episode written update

Jul 31, 2017

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 1st August 2017 written episode written update

Iss pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon  3 written episode written update starts with Chandni returns Advay the coin and tells him its her final answer and from now on he wont be capable of asking her any questions. She walks away but stops and gives him a smirk and teases her. Advay too smiles at her and she leaves. Advay meets the family, Shilpa tells Murli to take care of sir, Murli tells her to not worry about it, Advay goes to Indrani and tells her that he never came here to trouble anyone and he doesn’t know if anybody here will miss him but he’ll miss them. Chandni feels sad when hes leaving.  Someone calls Advay and enters the house. Its Chandnis doppelganger and asks him to forgive her, Chandni and sisters ate confused and so is Advay. When asked who is she she says that they were very close friends but she started liking her and tells them that if I was not influenced by her idiot sisters then I would never have made the video. Indrani feels guilty and tells Advay to forgive them and not to leave the house. Advay gives her an innocent look and tell her that we should punish her. Everyone suggests punishments and Chandni gets scared. Advay says to forgive her. Advay tells Chandni to came to his room tonight and if she doesn’t hell tell everyone what she did. At night, Chandni debates with herself whether to go to his room or no. Advay is sitting with his guitar and cries remembering his family. Chandni enters and he calls her cute, she blushes and Advay starts getting close to her. He tells her she has to do what she says and tells her to become a murga. She rebels but does it anyway and does Bad Bad. FB they did the same thing 16 years ago FB over. He tells her to write im sorry 100 times. She keeps glaring at him and gets more pissed when she sees him picking up droped noodles from his shirt and stops him.

Precap: Chandni and her sisters eavesdrop on Advays door and when he opens them they fall. When asked she makes an excuse saying that she was trying to practice poses for her wedding shoot. He tells her that he’ll show her poses and shows her some romantic poses.


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