Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 21st July 2017 written episode written update

Jul 20, 2017

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 21st July 2017 written episode written update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 written episode written update starts withPrathams mom introduces Indrani to her family pandit. Advay makes fun of Prathmms obsession for numbers. Chandni defends him but Pratham proofs Advay right. Chandni tells Advay that why she should not marry her, he’s handsome, cool and rich. Indrani gives chandnis kundli to the pandit, she tells Shakul that the kundli should match whats so ever. Shakun assures her that shes det the kundli in such a way that all the 36 goon will match. Advay asks the pandit about the online kundli software and asks him if he can check it out and at the same time murli shuts down the electricity, Advay takes the guests near the window and asks the pandit to leave the heavy laptop on the table. Shilpa tries to put the USB in the laptop but can’t Advay goes their but Chandni is walking in that direction too and she falls but Advay catches her. Chandni is angry and starts walking away and falls again and Advay saves her again. Advay tells her that not to go alone anywhere and hell catch her hand and take her where she wants to go. Chandni tries to release herself from his grip but Advay doesn’t leave her. He goes near her and tells her if she wants to get married to him she has o trust her and in that moment he changes Chandini’s kundli. The light come on and Chandni takes Advays silver coin, tosses it and gives it back to him, telling him that if he knows how to defuse the switch the sisters know how to fix it. The pandit tells them that Chandni has rao in her kundli and if this marriage takes place its will be a disaster. Pratam and his mom go away. Indrani shouts at Shakun. Indrani blames her sister for the rishta. Meghu tells Chandni not to worry that they still have Advay and shes thought about their couple name too. Chandni tells her that he’s ajeeb but Meghu tells her that hes different just like her. Chandni suspects Advay for changing the kundli. PP goes to meet Chandni but Advay comes there and asks him if he want 7 slaps, Chandni is surprised. PP says yes for the marriage. Chandni asks Advay what’s in his hand, it’s the coin and Chandni tells him that all demands are not fulfilled. Advay thinks that he can’t lose Chandni, Chandni goes in his room to check what’s going on. She finds the UV torch under the table but Advay come there and helps her come out of there. He asks her that she can’t live without him nah? Chandni gives an excuse but Advay tells her that she’s lying she says that she never lies. Advay remembers the time she lied about his mother and asks her to remember that she must have lied once in her life.

Precap: Chandni sees lights in Advay’s room, she asks how. Advay tells her its for her people just alk about how they’ll bring moon and stars for their loved once but he did it for her. He tells her that how much ever rishtas she may see but in the end she will wear the dupatta of his name.

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