Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 25th august 2017 written episode written update

Aug 24, 2017

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 25th august 2017 written episode written update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 25th august 2017 written episode written update starts withNani welcomes Chandni in the house, she does her aarti and tells her to kick the kalash and enter. Nani hugs her and gives her blessings, she tells her that this story will not be wrong, Chandni starts crying, nani tells her to not be scared and to inform her if she has any problem. Advay tells Chandni to go in their room. Nani stops Advay and tells him that before hurting  her remember that she is now part of their family and her pride is their pride. Chandni goes in the room and starts crying. Advay tells nani not to call him Dev in front of Chandni, she asks him till when will this go on? Advay goes in the room and locks the door, Chandni tells him to not touch her, Advay throws her dupatta and tells her that he has no interest in touching her. he tells her to not to move from her place or else he will touch her not once but thousand times. he tells her that this marriage is only for a night and he’ll leave her again to her moms place tomorrow just so that her family gets humiliated when people know that her husband left her only after a night. He tells her not to move from her place and goes to sleep. Chandni is shivering in the night standing in one place and Advay gets up in the morning hearing Nanis knock and Chandni is still snadning in one place. One nani asks where Chandni is, she faints and Advay catches her. when she doesn’t reply nani gets worried and asks Advay what he did with her. Chandni wakes up and tells nani that shes fine. Nani gives her her reception dress. Advay says that she’ll never forget their reception. Insrani tells her brother that he betrayed her, he says that he just doing his duty as a mama, indrani tells him that he will regreat talking to her in this tone. He tells indrani that Advay will one day fall for Chandni. Chandni goes outside to get water, she sees advays and nanis photos, she goes to see Advays childhood pic but Advay stops her and shouts at her for entering without permission. Nani shouts aat Advay and tells him to get her breakfast. Kajol asks indrani how will they go to Chandnis reception, Indrani says that Advay will have to pay the price. Shikha and Meghu come to meet Chandni and tells her to meet them, but Advay opens the door and locks the door from the outide. They request him to let them meet Chandni. They both asks Chandni if shes ok through the door she says yes. Advya tells them to leave. Advay tells her that she will only do what he asks her to do.

Precap: Advay gifts Chandni Meghus baby at the reception. When Indrani asks Chandni whose baby is it, Advay says that Chandni knows and as a mother can never go wrong in knowing her own child.   

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