Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 27th july 2017 written episode written update

Jul 26, 2017

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 27th july 2017 written episode written update

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon 3 written episodee written update starts withChandni tells Advay that she will not stop. He clicks the button and her slippers stick to the ground. He says that she will only get married to him. He says that he’s a very old lover of hers. She says hes completely mad, he comes close to her and blows on her face. He tells her to admit to him, she says that shell die but never admit. She asks him to let her go, when he presses the button again she falls on him. He tells her that if he says his naam with so much Haq then he has to listen. She runs away. Chandni tells here Baba that everything is destroyed now, she tried a lot but they still didn’t listen they still left. Baba takes Chandni’s hand and gives it to Advay. He says that if hes there for you here then why is she crying, they both look good together, he tells Advay that he trust him and he will keep his daughter happy. Advay congratulates Chandni and Baba leaves. Advay says that now say yes. Meghu call Chandni and she leaves. Indrani calls them and tells her that PP is adamant to marry her and today is their Roka. PPs mom tells them that she’s called PPs best friend too so that even he can chose a girl for himself as you have two more daughters. The boy is coming tomorrow. The boy turns out to be Mikoos friend and hes forced to see the girl as he already has a girlfriend. Mickoo realizes that he’s going to Shikhas house. Chandni’s roka starts and she looks at Advay. PP calls Advay by his side, when he goes he’s stuck too because now Chandni has the remote. She asks PP if his friend is angry with him. Advay can’t move. PPs mom gets the chooni for her and places it on PP and Chandni’s forehead. He pushes 1 more button and all the pigeons start filling the hall. The chooni before placing it on them is removed.

Precap: at night Advay throws a chooni in the air and it falls on both of them. Indrani comes there and sees this, Advay says that what destiny wanted has happened and now her Roka is done with….

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