Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 30th August 2017 written episode written update

Aug 29, 2017

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 30th August 2017 written episode written update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 30th 2017 written episode written update starts withMasi asks nani why she didn’t come with Advay, she said he had left something in Allahbad and Chandni comes inside the house. Advays masi insults Chandni and tells nani that she cant live here, Pooja tells her mom that she doesn’t have any place to go so let her stay here, Advay stops her and how could she come here even after so much of humiliation. She remembers nani telling her that she has to value her marriage and she is the best for her chikoo. Chandni tells nani that he hate her how will she live with him, she says  that the house is more of hers than of Advay and Chandni gives nani the promise to never give up. Nani takes Chandnis stand and tells him that shes come here on her request. Advay asks her if she come only and not with her kid. He asks nani if she wants a mother who can disown her own child. FB.. nani asks Chandni to given her an honest answer to whos baby is it. She dhesnt say anything but Nani gets her answer. She knows that shes trying to save someone, she says yes and shes doing it for her family.FB over. Advay says she cant tolerate her and tells her to get out of her house. Nani tries to make him understand, Advay says that nothing matters to her and the only thing that matters is hate for Chandni. He throws her out of the house, nani runs to stop him and she falls Advay stops and runs to nani and she makes him promise to not throw her out of the house and if he does so shell lose her own self-respect, and if still he plans to send her she will go with Chandni. Advay promises nani that he wont throw her out. masi is angry at Chandni. Chandnis grah pravesh happens, Advay tries to leave but nani tells him to stand with her. fb.. mama asks Chandni why is she going where she is not needed, she says shes going for her sisters and mom.FB over. Advay tells  nani that both Chandni and Indrani are filled with lies. Masi is agitated and asks nani if shes forgotten what Indrani had done to her own daughter. She lost her eyesight because of that and now shes doing this. Masi says that she can never forgive Chandni and she cant live here. Nani says that shes still alive and Chandni is going to stay in this house.

Precap: Chandni tells Indrani to just take her name once on the phone, she tells her that she wont let her down. Advay says that he’ll never let anything right happen in her life and in todays moodikhai she wont be able to show her face to anyone.

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