Jamai Raja: Angry Mahi slaps Satya for blaming Payal

Oct 09, 2016

Jamai Raja Latest News: Satya tries to bring Payal's reality in front of Mahi, angry Mahi slaps Satya

The upcoming episode of Zee TV show Jamai Raja will bring more drama for the viewers as Mahi (Shiny Doshi) and Satya's (Ravi Dubey) relation will get more stressed, thanks to Payal. Mahi will keep misunderstanding Satya while Satya will keep trying to save Mahi from evil Payal. It is seen that Satya loves Mahi deeply and wants to protect her from all evil. Hence Satya swaps himself with Dhawal during Mahi and Dhawal's wedding. Dhawal and Payal wanted Mahi to marry Dhawal so that they could claim Mahi's property. But due to Satya getting married to Mahi, Payal's plan goes flop and she gets irked with Satya and Mahi. On the other hand, Mahi has feelings for Satya, but she is yet unaware that she loves Satya. And hence Mahi keeps suspecting Satya and his motives. Mahi gets shocked to know that Satya took Dhawal's place in the wedding and married her. Mahi refuses to accept Satya as her husband. But Satya and Mahi keep getting in to cute fights and also keep bumping in to each other. Each time Satya and Mahi come face to face, the attraction and their chemistry becomes visible. Payal gets annoyed to see Satya and Mahi's closeness and hence decides to create misunderstandings in Satya - Mahi. Payal tries to burn Mahi with hot oil but Satya saves Mahi. Satya tries to tell Payal's truth to Mahi, but Mahi refuses to believe Satya. In fit of anger, Mahi will slap Satya hard for trying to blame her mother Payal. How will Satya bring Payal's truth in front of Mahi? Will Mahi realize Payal's evil nature? Will Mahi accept Satya's love? To know, keep reading this space with more updates on Zee TV show Jamai Raja.

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