Jamai Raja: Dumb Charades bring Sid-Roshni closer

Jun 04, 2016

Jamai Raja Upcoming Twist: Sid and Roshni come close while enacting Titanic pose, Sid's attempt to lower Neil's image in front of Roshni

Zee TV’s show Jamai Raja has shown many twists and turns amid Sid (Ravi Dubey) and Roshni’s (Nia Sharma) relation till now and currently both Sid and Roshni are seen on the verge of getting married to different individuals. Sid is seen getting in marital alliance with Ananya while Roshni has new man in her life Neil.

However, Sid is seen making upmost attempts to make Roshni realize his love and to draw her away from Neil.

It is seen that Neil’s aunty hates Roshni and is totally against Neil and Roshni’s wedding. Hence Neil’s aunty makes deadly plan against Roshni to kill her. Neil’s aunty tries to burn down Roshni by locking her in the kitchen and leaving the gas burner on. Sid and Neil reach to save Roshni and Roshni takes Sid’s support. Sid saves Roshni and like a hero brings her out of the fire. Neil feels pang of insecurity seeing Roshni in Sid’s arms.

Sid’s hands get burnt while saving Roshni and hence Neil’s aunty postpones Ananya and Sid’s alliance.

In the upcoming episode, Sid will be seen all determined to impress Roshni over Neil. The whole family along with Neil, Ananya, Sid and Roshni go for outing and all play dumb charades on the picnic. Roshni get the movie name as Titanic to make action on. Roshni will be seen getting confused and will try to enact the movie name. Finally Sid will come to Roshni’s rescue and will make the famous Titanic pose with her. Roshni and Sid will get carried away and will hold the position for long in front of everyone.

Later, Sid will destroy Roshni’s tent secretly to put Neil’s image down in Roshni’s mind. once again Sid will save Roshni like a hero before she gets in the danger due to broken tent.

Let’s see if Sid succeeds in his plan to rise his image in Roshni’s mind in Zee TV show Jamai Raja.

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