Jamai Raja: Emotional romance amid Satya and Mahi coming up

Nov 18, 2016


Jamai Raja Latest News: Satya takes Mahi through her childhood journey, Satya and Mahi get emotional and romantic

The upcoming episode of Zee TV show will bring in some emotional and sensitive romance amid Satya (Ravi Dubey) and Mahi (Shiny Doshi) where in Satya will win over Mahi's heart completely by surprising her. It is known that Satya and Mahi are on the mission of finding out Payal's (Mouli Ganguli) truth while Payal has turned completely evil against Mahi. In the upcoming episode of Jamai Raja, Satya and Mahi will get in to argument over Mahi's mother. Mahi loves her mother and gets emotional whenever she thinks of her mother. Satya finally decides to make it up to Mahi and will create a beautiful surprise for Mahi. Satya will decorate the entire garden with flowers and lights and then will bring Mahi there. Mahi will feel surprised to see all the arrangements. But Mahi will be shocked when the projector will start showing childhood images of Mahi with her father and mother. Mahi will get emotional seeing her childhood pictures and will try to touch her father and mother in the pictures. Satya too will feel for Mahi and will hold Mahi in his arms. Slowly Satya and Mahi will get lost in each others' embrace and the emotions will get replaced by romance in Satya and Mahi. Satya and Mahi will be seen getting close to each other post which Satya will lift Mahi in his arms. Keep reading this space for more updates on Zee TV show Jamai Raja.

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