Jamai Raja: Finally Satya marries Mahi in place of Dhawal

Oct 02, 2016

Jamai Raja Latest News: Satya to create sudden smoke during Mahi and Dhawal's wedding, will replace Dhawal in the wedding

Currently high voltage drama is going on in popular Zee TV show Jamai Raja as Satya (Ravi Dubey) is in love with Mahi (Shiny Doshi) and wants her to realize the love for him, while Mahi is all set to marry Dhawal, against her wish. The upcoming episode of Jamai Raja will bring major twist as Satya is hellbent upon making Mahi his wife and will be seen taking drastic step for saving Mahi from evil Dhawal and Payal. It is seen that Payal has decided to get Mahi married to Dhawal to claim Mahi's property. Mahi agrees for the wedding for Payal's sake but is not sure about the wedding. Satya, on the other hand, has realized Payal and Dhwal's evil intentions towards Mahi and hence wants to save her from this trap. Satya loves Mahi immensely and wants to win her heart at any cost. Satya knows that Mahi loves him and wants to make Mahi realize this fact. Mahi, however, doesn't believe in Satya and though she has mixed feelings towards Satya, she feels confused. During the wedding, Satya will play a major trick that will Satya in Mahi's husband in place of Dhawal. In the upcoming wedding sequence in Jamai Raja, Mahi will be seen unhappy and yet will get ready for her wedding with Dhawal. The wedding rituals will start and Dhawal and Payal will feel happy that Mahi has fallen in their trap. But soon the wedding venue will get smokey and everyone will get scattered and scared. Dhawal will get away feeling scared and to save his life. Meanwhile, Satya will take Dhawal's place as the groom and before anyone realizes, Satya will complete the wedding rituals with Mahi. Soon Dhawal will return to the wedding mandap and all will be shocked to see him. Dhawal will approach Satya in anger, however, he will lose his balance and fall off at Satya's feet. Mahi will be left utterly shocked to see Satya as her husband. Are you excited to see this upcoming sequence in Jamai Raja? Drop in your comments below.

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