Jamai Raja: Kareena gets Satya arrested on Molestation charges

Feb 10, 2017

Jamai Raja Latest News: Kareena claims to be pregnant with Satya's child, Satya fails to prove innocence

The Zee TV show Jamai Raja is going to bring in a final twist in the story track that will revolve around Satya (Ravi Dubey) and Mahi (Shiny Doshi). As reported earlier, Jamai Raja is going to end soon and the final episode of Jamai Raja will get telecasted on 3rd March 2017, post which Sooraj Barjatya's Piyaa Albela will take over Jamai Raja slot. The upcoming episode of Jamai Raja will see a tragic twist where evil Kareena (Shagun Ajmani) will trap Satya in the molestation case. Kareena wants to separate Satya and Mahi at any cost and hence will blame Satya of molesting her. Moreover, Kareena will blame Satya of being pregnant with Satya's child. Kareena is working with Payal (Mouni Ganguly) against Satya and Mahi. Satya and Mahi will be shocked with Kareena's claims. Satya will try to prove himself innocent in the matter, however, Satya will fail to prove his innocence. As a result, Satya will get arrested and will be put in the jail. This will be a big blow for Mahi. Now, Mahi will be seen getting determined to prove Satya innocent while Payal and Kareena will plot against Mahi and Satya. Will Mahi get successful or will Kareena manage to break Satya and Mahi's relation? Stay tuned in for more updates on Zee TV show Jamai Raja.

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