Jamai Raja: Mahi insecure with Satya - Koel relatioship

Aug 31, 2016

Jamai Raja Latest News: Satya questions Mahi if she is jealous about Satya and Koel's relation, Mahi shocked

Zee TV show Jamai Raja has always captured the audience with the intense love story and the third season of Jamai Raja featuring Ravi Dubey as Satya and Shiny Doshi as Mahi is no  exception. The current track of Jamai Raja is slowly moving towards Mahi developing feelings and falling in love with Satya. On the other hand, Satya is dating Mahi's sister Koel and wants to marry Koel to become Payal's Jamai Raja. Mahi, however, always seen to be suspecting and investigating about Satya's reality. In the recent episodes of Jamai Raja, Satya was seen saving Mahi from goons after Koel left her alone in dangerous and secluded place. Mahi gets to know that Satya is not bad person. Later Satya and Mahi gets stuck in factory where both mistakenly drink alcohol thinking it's water. Both Satya and Mahi get drunk and open up to each other. Satya and Mahi talk about their lives to each other. Next day morning, Mahi once again blames Satya for making her drunk. However, Satya shows the recording of the last night he made on his phone and Mahi apologizes to Satya. A new promo of Jamai Raja gives some glimpse of upcoming track and it clearly indicates Mahi's growing feelings for Satya. Mahi is seen investigating Satya while Satya questions Mahi for investigating about him so much. Mahi informs Satya that she just wants to know about Satya as he is in relationship with her sister. However, Satya questions Mahi if she is insecure, due to which Mahi becomes self conscious. Looks like Mahi will soon be in love with Satya and the love triangle amid Satya, Mahi and Koel will create new twists in Jamai Raja. Drop in your comments about this upcoming Jamai Raja track.

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