Jamai Raja: Nia Sharma's special farewell on Jamai Raja set

Aug 09, 2016

Jamai Raja Latest News: Nia Sharma aka Roshni bids farewell to the Jamai Raja Team, Check out the pictures

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Zee TV show Jamai Raja has managed to keep the viewers captivated for two years in row, with the sudden twists in the story line and with the brilliant chemistry amid the lead starts Ravi Dubey aka Sid and Nia Sharma aka Roshni. However, This super hit onscreen jodi of Sid and Roshni is going to break up soon as Nia Sharma has quit Jamai Raja. Nia Sharma's decision to quit Jamai Raja was seen as shocking news as Nia has made Roshni's character very popular and in turn has gained lot of praise. Viewers have gotten used to seeing Nia as Roshni opposite Sid aka Ravi Dubey. However, with the prospect of Jamai Raja taking a leap, Nia has decided to move out of the show as she is not very keen on portraying elder character in the show. As reported recently by our team, actress Shiny Doshi has been roped in to play new Roshni is Jamai Raja. Recently Nia Sharma shot her last scene for Jamai Raja and was later surprised with the special farewell party organized by Jamai Raja team to bid farewell to Nia. Nia was asked to cut a beautiful cake that said "Bye Bye Nia Sharma, All the best". Nia was seen highly emotional and cut the cake as requested by the team. Nia's co-star on Jamai Raja, Ravi Dubey also left a special message for Nia on Social Networking site that read, "Farewell Nia... will miss u.. Jamai Raja won't ever be the same". Nia shared emotional and nostalgic moments with her Jamai raja team on her farewell. Viewers will surely miss Nia as Roshni on Jamai Raja. Drop in your comments on Nia's exit from Jamai Raja.

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