Jamai Raja: Roshni-Neil to wed soon, Sid shocked

Jun 15, 2016

Jamai Raja Latest News: Roshni to say I love you to Neil assuming him to be Sid, Roshni and Neil's wedding date fixed

Major drama is going to unfold in the upcoming episodes of popular Zee TV show Jamai Raja as Roshni (Nia Sharma) and Neil’s wedding date will get fixed. This sudden development will leave Sid (Ravi Dubey) shattered and Roshni shocked. Roshni and Sid will get engulfed in emotional torture due to huge misunderstanding over their relationships.

Apparently Roshni will mistakenly confess her real love feelings to Neil, mistaking him to be Sid and then the whole wedding drama amid Neil and Roshni in will erupt in Jamai Raja.

As known, Roshni has broken all relations with Sid as Roshni holds Sid responsible for her mother DD’s death. Sid and Roshni have parted their ways despite being in love with each other. Roshni and Sid come across Neil and his sister Ananya. Neil gets attracted to Roshni while Sid takes Ananya’s help to prove his love to Roshni.

Sid tries numerous ways to prove his love to Roshni and though Roshni refuses Sid, her heart melts for him. Now the upcoming episode will bring basket of shocks, twists and jealousy amid Sid and Roshni for the viewers.

It will be seen that Roshni will misunderstand that Sid has married Neil’s sister Ananya and she will get highly shocked. With a bitter heart Roshni will assume that Sid has moved on with his life and Roshni will decide to do the same.

However, Roshni will find it very difficult to forget Sid and move on as she loves him immensely and on the other side Sid will be shattered to know about Neil and Roshni’s marital alliance. This misunderstanding will bring in major emotional sequence in Sid and Roshni where Roshni will decide to confess her real feelings for Sid.

But unfortunately, Roshni will unknowingly confess her feelings of love to Neil in place of Sid. And as a repercussion an elated Neil and his mother will fix Roshni and Neil’s wedding date.

Will Sid be successful in stopping this wedding? Stay tuned to read more updates on Jamai Raja.

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