Jamai Raja: Roshni's drunken love confession for Sid

Jun 09, 2016

Jamai Raja Latest News: Roshni accepts still having love feelings for Sid under alcohol effect, Sid extremely happy

Finally the ardent fans and followers of Zee TV show Jamai Raja will have some breather of relief as Roshni (Nia Sharma) will speak out her true love feelings for Sid (Ravi Dubey), well nevertheless under alcohol effect. Though Sid will be shocked with Roshni’s drunken condition, he will get extremely elates and emotional to hear words of love from his estranged lady love Roshni.

Though Roshni is trying to avoid Sid and is trying to put all his efforts to win her heart in vain, her drunken condition will spill the truth of love to Sid. Sid will be left astonished seeing Roshni’s unexpected confession in Jamai Raja.

It is known that Roshani and Sid have parted ways as Roshni is extremely upset with Sid. Roshni thinks Sid has been responsible for the untimely death of her mother DD (Achint Kaur). Since then Roshani and Sid have separated. While Sid loves Roshni, he gets devastated to know about Roshni’s plan to move on from Sid. Roshni decides to get married to Neil. To prove his love and to stay close to Roshni to make her realize the truth, Sid gets along with Neil’s sister Ananya.

Sid and Roshni keep colliding in to each other and bumping in to each other with emergence of new twists. Neil’s Aunty hates Roshni and tried to kill her, but Sid saves Roshni right in time. Also Sid and Roshni get in to Titanic pose during the family picnic. However, Roshni tries to stay away from Sid and tried to ignore Sid’s efforts.

The upcoming episode of Jamai Raja will feature big celebration of product launch party where in Roshni will mistakenly drink spiked up juice. Roshni will get high with the drink and will express her love and true feelings for Sid. Roshni will also ask Sid to forgive her on accusation of DD’s death. Sid will be left speechless with Roshni’s confession and state. But, Sid will get extremely elated to know Roshni’s true feelings for him.

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