Jamai Raja: Satya and Mahi finally bump in to each other

Aug 17, 2016

Jamai Raja Latest: Satya and Mahi to end up having huge fight in the first ever meeting

Zee TV show Jamai Raja recently took leap of 20 years and the story line of Jamai Raja has moved quite ahead. Nia Sharma is no more part of the show while Shiny Doshi is seen as the new female lead of Jamai Raja. Ravi Dubey is seen playing the character of Satya and is been raised by Gangu Tai. In reality Satya is not Gangu Tai's son, but is Sid and Roshni's son Karanvir. After Sid and Roshni's death in the fatal accident Gangu Tai raises Karan as her own son and names him Satya after her real son. Satya turns out to be a Tapori and roadside fellow. Satya wishes to marry a wealthy girl as the easiest way to become rich. On the other side, Payal is shown to have two daughters Koel and Mahi (Shiny Doshi). In reality, Mahi is not Payal's daughter but Neil and Ria's daughter. Mahi is unwillingly raised by Payal. Satya and Mahi always miss bumping in to each other but soon Satya and Mahi will finally meet. In the upcoming episode of Jamai Raja, Satya will get an offer of Driver's job and he will accept in on Gangu Tai's insistence. Mahi will almost end up having accident against Satya's car and both Mahi and Satya will have big argument. Satya will notice Koel with Mahi and realize that she belongs to rich family. Hence Satya will introduce himself as businessman to impress Koel. Will Koel get attracted to smart and dashing Satya or will Mahi and Satya's encounters will make them fall in love with each other in Jamai Raja? Keep reading this space for more updates on your favorite show.

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