Jamai Raja: Satya exposes Elena with Payal's help, Mahi slaps Elena

Dec 01, 2016

Jamai Raja Latest News: Elena's reality of being in love with Satya comes in front of Mahi, Satya brings Payal home

The upcoming episode of Zee TV show Jamai Raja will bring high voltage drama as Satya (Ravi Dubey) will successfully expose Elena's real intentions in front of Mahi (Shiny Doshi). But shockingly, Satya will get help from Payal (Mouli Ganguli) for bringing out Elena's truth. As seen till now in Jamai Raja, Satya takes Elena's help in exposing Payal's evil truth to Mahi. Shocked and shattered Mahi throws Payal out of the house. Mahi thanks Elena for her help but Elena falls in love with Satya and starts feeling annoyed to see Mahi and Satya together. Elena vows to separate Mahi and Satya as she feels that Satya too loves Elena. Elena starts misleading Mahi and creates misunderstandings amid Satya and Mahi. As a result Mahi starts doubting Satya and gets rude with him. Payal tries to tell Mahi that Elena is the culprit behind Mahi's misunderstandings, but Mahi refuses to listen to Payal. In the upcoming episode, Satya will be seen trapping Elena in his trap with Payal's help and Elena will confess in front of Mahi that she loves Satya. Elena will also try to convince Mahi that Satya too loves Elena. However, Satya will tell Elena that he doesn't love her and furious Mahi will slap Elena. Satya will throw Elena out of the house. Later Satya will take Payal in the home which will again irk Mahi. Mahi will have major argument with Satya and she will ask Payal to leave. However, Satya will inform Mahi that Payal helped him to bring Elena's truth out and will somehow convince Mahi to let Payal stay in the house. Keep reading this space for more updates on show Jamai Raja.

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