Jamai Raja: Satya & Mahi's cute encounter in drunk state

Aug 28, 2016

Jamai Raja Latest News: Satya and Mahi's cute ear - nose fight in drunk state

The upcoming episode of Zee TV's popular show Jamai Raja is going to bring smile to the faces of the viewers with new twist happening amid Satya (Ravi Dubey) and Mahi (Shiny Doshi). It is known that Satya and Mahi do not like each other but there is a special connection amid two. But soon both Satya and Mahi will be seen in drunk state and their true feelings will come out in a cute way. It is known that Satya wants to impress Payal's daughter to marry her and become Jamai Raja. Mahi, on the other hand, is always seen suspicious of Satya and keeps investigating. However, in the upcoming episode of Jamai Raja, Satya and Mahi will be seen in drunk state. Satya and Mahi will behave completely under alcohol effect and will have a funny fight. In drunk state too Mahi and Satya will be angry to see each other. Mahi will tell Satya that his ears are like elephant's ears and she will pull his ears. Satya will find it comic and will pull Mahi's nose stating that she has extra long nose that interferes in everyone's business. Satya and Mahi will pull each others' nose and will fight on whose nose is longer. Satya and Mahi will come close to each other and will feel the special connection even in drunk state. Apparently soon, Satya and Mahi will be getting married in Jamai Raja. Keep reading this space for more updates on Zee TV show Jamai Raja.

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