Jamai Raja: Satya succeeds in earning Mahi's trust failing Payal's plan

Oct 19, 2016

Jamai Raja Latest News: Satya saves Payal from electric shock in front of Mahi, winning Mahi's trust, Payal irked

The tussle amid Satya (Ravi Dubey) and Mahi (Shiny Doshi) in Zee TV's popular show Jamai Raja will soon come to an end as Satya will get successful in winning Mahi's trust against Payal's wish. Satya will go on failing each and every plan of Payal who wants to create separation amid Satya and Mahi. It is seen that Mahi has been furious with Satya for getting married to Mahi in place of Dhawal, but Payal and Dhawal have been more angry with Satya as they wanted to get hold of Mahi's property. Payal's plan comes to a standstill with regards to Mahi. Moreover, though Mahi is angry and distrusts Satya, the special connection amid them keeps pulling Satya and Mahi close to each other which irks Payal. Satya loves Mahi deeply and knows about Payal's evil plan, but whenever Satya tries to expose Payal, Mahi distrusts him. On the other side, Payal wants to put up drama of Satya trying to hurt Payal in front of Mahi. When Satya tries to bring out Payal's truth, Payal suddenly faints and disrupts Satya. Payal now wants to prove to Mahi that Satya is after Payal's life for money and can even kill her. Accordingly Payal takes wrong medicine, but Satya stops her. In the upcoming episode, Payal will come up with even severe plan where she will try to hurt herself with electric shock and will try to put the blame on Satya. However, Satya will reach there in time and will save Payal from the grave danger of electric shock. This will make Mahi happy as she will believe that Satya wants Payal to be alive. Thus Satya will win Mahi's trust, annoying Payal. What step will Paya take next? Will Satya prove Payal's real motive in front of Mahi? Stay tuned in to read more updates on Jamai Raja.

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