Jamai Raja: Satya to know Mahi's hidden truth

Sep 22, 2016

Jamai Raja Latest News: Satya to know Mahi's reality of not being Payal's real daughter

The upcoming episode of popular Zee TV show Jamai Raja has been driving lot of viewers' attention with emerging love story of Satya (Ravi Dubey) and Mahi (Shiny Doshi). As it is known, Satya is in deep love with Mahi and Mahi has not yet realized her love for Satya. Payal wants to get Mahi married and out of her house. Payal wants Mahi to get married to Dhawal, who is a bad guy. Satya knows Dhawal's reality and also that Dhawal had tried to take advantage of Mahi. Satya had saved Mahi from Dhawal's bad intentions. However, unaware of this, Mahi agrees to marry Dhawal and Satya gets shocked. Payal's daughter Koel loves Satya and wants to marry him. Satya initially wanted to make Koel fall in love with him so that he can marry Koel and become Rich Jamai Raja. However, being in love with Mahi, Satya goes away from Koel. Koel gets angry with Mahi and blames her for taking away Satya from her. Mahi feels shattered and hence decides to get married to Dhawal. Satya will be seen making efforts to show Dhawal's reality to Mahi so that she turns down Dhawal's proposal. Amid all this, Payal will ask Satya to go through some documents and files as she wants particular file. While going through Payal's files, Satya will come across Mahi's real birth certificate, which will reveal that Payal is not Mahi's real mother. Satya will be shocked with the revelation. Moreover, Satya will also come across a diary written by Sid to his son Karan. Satya will feel a special connection with the diary, but he will fail to realize that the diary is written by his own father and he himself is Karan. Where will all this truth lead in Satya and Mahi's life? To know keep reading this space on Jamai Raja.

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