Jamai Raja: Satya turns Mahi's savior against evil Payal

Oct 07, 2016

Jamai Raja Latest News: Satya to save Mahi from Payal's evil plan of burning Mahi with hot oil

Lot of twists and turns are currently going on in the Zee TV show Jamai Raja as Satya (Ravi Dubey) has married Mahi (Shiny Doshi) in dramatic sequence. Mahi was to marry Dhawal, however, Satya created fake smoke during the wedding and swapped himself with Dhawal. Mahi, Payal and Dhawal get major shock seeing Satya as the groom and Mahi's husband. Satya is aware of Payal and Dhawal's plan of getting Mahi married to Dhawal for claiming Mahi's entire property. But Mahi misunderstands Satya. Though Mahi has feelings for Satya, she has yet not realized that she loves Satya. Mahi refuses to accept Satya as her husband, but Satya doesn't mind. Satya loves Mahi immensely and wants to see Mahi safe and secure from evil Payal and Dhawal. In the upcoming episodes of Jamai Raja, Mahi will be seen getting in to cute and petty fights with Satya, while Satya will enjoy Mahi being around him. Payal will be irked to see Satya and Mahi together and will want to get rid of Payal any how. Payal will plan to burn Mahi will hot oil, and Satya will get to know Payal's plan. Satya will be determined to save Mahi from any cruel plan made by Payal. Satya will turn in to Mahi's savior in Jamai Raja. Are you enjoying Satya and Mahi's love story? Do you like the chemistry amid Ravi Dubey and Shiny Doshi as Satya - Mahi? Let us know in comments below.

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