Jamai Raja: Satya's rain romance dream with Mahi coming up

Sep 17, 2016

Jamai Raja Latest News: Satya to see Mahi in the dream, both will be drenched in rain and will share sizzling coziness

Zee TV show Jamai Raja has always managed to keep the viewers intrigued with the excellent drama and intense chemistry and romance in the lead pair. The current and the third season of Jamai Raja has Ravi Dubey and Shiny Doshi as the lead pair and the chemistry amid these two is being much appreciated by the audience. Ravi Dubey as rowdy yet sensitive Satya and Shiny Doshi as simple and strong headed Mahi have won audiences' hearts. It is known that Satya and Mahi's relation started with hatred, speculations and doubts about each other. Satya wants Mahi's sister Koel to fall in love with him so that he can settle as Jamai Raja in the rich house. However, Mahi keeps doubting Satya and it ends up in both Satya and Mahi fighting and arguing with each other all the time. But at the same time, Mahi and Satya feel irresistible attraction and feelings towards each other which they refuse to acknowledge. But when Dhaval tries to take disadvantage of Mahi by spiking her juice, Satya comes to Mahi's rescue and gets drawn to her beauty. Satya cannot resist going close to Mahi and will finally realize that he has fallen in Mahi's love. Mahi will keep denying that she has special feelings for Satya. In the upcoming episode of Jamai Raja, Satya will have dream sequence in which he will see himself getting drenched in rain with Mahi. Satya and Mahi will dance on 'Khuda Jane Main Feeda Hun' song and will be seen much in love. Satya and Mahi will share some sizzling romance in Satya's dream. Are you excited to see Ravi and Shiny's rocking chemistry in romantic dream sequence? Let us know in the comments. Also stay tuned in for more updates on Jamai Raja.

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