Jamai Raja: Shiny Doshi NOT getting replaced from Jamai Raja

Nov 01, 2016

Jamai Raja Latest News: Shiny Doshi still part of Jamai Raja, new fake Mahi twist coming up in Jamai Raja

Lot of buzz is going around about the Zee TV show Jamai Raja as the main lead actress Shiny Doshi's rumored replacement have raised lot of eyebrows, questions and objections amid the fans and viewers. Jamai Raja is currently showcasing its third season and the lead pair of Satya and Mahi is portrayed by Ravi Dubey and Shiny Doshi respectively. However, the recent reports suggested that Shiny Doshi has been replaced as Mahi and the role has been taken up by Kawach Kali Shaktyon Se fame Sara Khan. It was also reported that due to the falling TRPs of Jamai Raja, this drastic step of replacing Shiny has been taken up. However, now the latest news shows a different picture all together. Apparently, Shiny Doshi is very much part of Jamai Raja, and this has been a stint by the makers to galore attention. As per the current track of Jamai Raja, Shiny Doshi aka Mahi meets with an accident after which she will go through plastic surgery and will be seen in new face. However, this is just a major swapping twist that makers want to introduce in Jamai Raja. Satya will plant another girl (Sara Arfeen Khan) as fake Mahi and will hide the real Mahi (Shiny) with him safely. Satya and fake Mahi will bring out the truth of Payal in front of real Mahi so that Mahi comes to know the truth. So, Shiny Doshi is still part of Jamai Raja and is NOT getting replaced. This will surely bring smile on the faces of all the viewers and fans of Jamai Raja and Shiny Doshi. Drop in your comments to let us know your excitement on this news.

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