Kaala Teeka: Gauri makes Yug believe that he raped her

Jul 26, 2016

Kaala Teeka: Leela blesses Kaali (Simran Pareenja) to save Yug (Rohan Gandotra) from Gauri’s (Fenil Umrigar) trap

Kaali and Leela have now united against Gauri in the current track of Kaala Teeka. Gauri accuses Yug of raping her and also produces pictures to prove her claim. Surprisingly Yug does not deny Gauri’s allegations and believes that he has done the crime. Gauri threatens to ruin Yug, Kaali and the rest of the family with her rape allegations. Gauri starts blackmailing Kaali and tells her that she wants to live in Yug’s room like a princess and wants to get the love of her prince. Kaali fulfils Gauri’s demands and allows her to stay in Yug’s room. However, Kaali teaches Gauri a lesson making sure that Yug stays in her room and Gauri is left alone. Kaali warns Gauri that she will expose her truth to the world and bring her on the road. On the other hand, Leela realizes that she made a grave mistake by trusting Gauri and wanting to make her Yug’s bride instead of Kaali. Leela takes Kaali to the temple and blesses her asking her to make sure Gauri is exposed. Kaali is overwhelmed seeing that Leela has completely accepted her as her daughter in law and she gets determined not to break her trust and make sure Yug gets saved form Gauri’s trap. However, Kaali’s attempts will not be easy as Gauri will convince Yug that he has raped her. Yug will accept his crime and will also want to surrender. Kaali will face tough challenge to make Yug accept his innocence and prove Gauri’s evil plans. Stay tuned for more updates on Kaala Teeka.

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