Kaala Teeka: Gauri revealed to be responsible for black magic plan

Jul 06, 2016

Kaala Teeka: Gauri scares Leela with black magic to make sure Yug (Rohan Gandotra) and Kaali (Simran Pareenja) remain apart

The upcoming episode of Kaala Teeka will show that Gauri is revealed to be the person who is trying to scare Leela. Gauri intends to make Leela believe that there is a ghost trying to harass her. Gauri keeps sending crows to scare Leela and Leela thinks that some black magic has been done on her. Leela makes Kaali live in her room as she thinks that as long as Kaali is with her, the black magic effect does not remain.

Gauri has entered Yug’s house and pretends that she wants to repent for all her past sins. Yug does not like Gauri’s presence in his house but Kaali believes that Gauri has truly changed. However, Gauri’ s plan is to keep Kaali and Yug separated for as long as possible and she uses Leela to complete her plan.

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In the recent episode of the show it was seen that Leela once again starts seeing the crows as soon as Kaali steps out of her room. Leela alerts everyone and they immediately notice that Gauri is not there. Chulbul checks in the servant quarters and notices that Gauri is not in her room. Chulbul immediately understands that Gauri is behind all this and accuses her in front of the entire family. However, Gauri is suddenly found in the servant quarters again and everyone blames her for being responsible for the trouble in the house.

However, Gauri defends herself saying that she was asleep after taking painkiller and Kaali also supports her. Yug warns Kaali not to take Gauri’s side as she is too shrewd and clever. However, Gauri will take advantage of Kaali’s trust on her to ruin happiness in Kaali and Yug’s life. Let’s wait and see whether Kaali is able to find out Gauri’s evil intentions.

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