Kaala Teeka: Kaali and Gauri engage in kitchen battle for Yug

Jun 06, 2016

Kaala Teeka: Gauri spoils Kaali’s (Simran Pareenja) efforts cooking food being Yug’s (Rohan Gandotra) wife, kitchen gets blazed in fire

The upcoming episodes of Kaala Teeka will show that Kaali and Gauri will be locked in a Kitchen battle to prove being Yug’s wife. Kaali’s prayers finally get accepted as Yug recovers from unconsciousness. After the Vatsavitri Pooja, the husband has to make the wife drink water. Kaali does a drama of fainting and Manjari gives her water which was placed in Yug’s hand. Kaali tells Gauri that she completed the pooja and also had water from Yug’s hand. Gauri feels that all of Kaali’s efforts will go futile as she has no proof of being Yug’s wife. Manjari tells Gauri that Kaali is the one who has taken 7 rounds around the holy fire and now she will take 7 days to prove to the world that she is Yug’s wife. Gauri tells Kaali that if she is not able to prove herself then she will have to leave Yug’s life forever. Kaali accepts the challenge as she knows that she will prove herself as Yug’s real wife. Manjari shows Vishwa the proof that Kaali did Pooja for Yug and brought him back to life. Vishwa feels that Kaali still has no proofs being Yug’s wife so Manjari tells Vishwa that the truth will be out very soon and he has to be prepared for it. On the other side, Leela says that food has to be made by Yug’s wife and has to be sent to the temple. Gauri says that she will cook very good food. However, Gauri is not able to prepare anything and Kaali already cooks Kheer. Gauri gets jealous of Kaali and pours water into the food cooked by Kaali. It will now be seen that Gauri will tie up Kaali’s hand so that she is not able to cook food. Kaali curses Gauri that she will get into trouble as she has disrespected food. Gauri gets shocked seeing the kitchen on fire.

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