Kaala Teeka: Kaali and Yug’s sizzling consummation amid Leela’s terror

Jun 28, 2016

Kaala Teeka: Leela separates Kaali (Simran Pareenja) and Yug (Rohan Gandotra) as they try to come closer

The current track of Kaala Teeka is showing Yug and Kaali trying to get close to each other but Leela is making sure that they remain apart. Yug leaves for office and later he calls up Kaali asking her to come there with a file. Kaali reaches the office and sees that Yug has arranged a movie for her on the projector. Yug tells Kaali that since she has never seen a film in movie theatre, he has set up one for her in his on office. Yug and Kaali eat popcorn and romance with each other.

On the other hand, Leela puts Kajal in her eyes and suddenly her eyes start to bleed. Chulbul sees Leela’s eyes bleeding and calls up Yug for help. Yug and Kaali are about to kiss when suddenly Yug receives Chulbul’s call asking him to rush home. Yug and Kaali reach home and are stunned to see Leela’s condition. The doctor informs that the bleeding happened because of the Kajal.

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However, it gets revealed that Leela is the one doing all the drama to make sure that yug and Kaali remain separated. Later on, Kali and Yug share another cute moment as Yug gives Kaali a locket. However, Yug and Kaali’s privacy is spoilt once again as Raghu shouts out about a thief entering the house. Kaali and Yug rush out and see that it not a thief but is Leela who has started to sleep walk.  The family is concerned with Leela’s sleep walking problem and Kaali offers to sleep in Leela’s room. Kaali and Yug get sad seeing that they are not able to be with each other.

Although Leela is making sure to keep Yug and Kaali apart, viewers are soon going to see some sizzling romance between Yug and Kaali as Yug will hug Kaali is in shirtless avtaar. Let’s wait and see whether Yug and Kaali have their much awaited romantic consummation scene

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