Kaala Teeka: Kaali wins Leela’s love and trust in 7 days

Jun 04, 2016

Kaala Teeka: Gauri (Fenil Umrigar) challenges Kaali (Simran Pareenja) to make Leela accept her as Yug’s (Rohan Gandotra) wife in 7 days

The upcoming episodes of Kaala Teeka will show Gauri giving Kaali a one week challenge to make Leela accept her as Yug’s wife or else she has to leave Yug’s life forever. Gauri is jealous of Kaali as she grabs every opportunity to prove herself as Yug’s wife. Yug and Gauri get into a car accident where Yug is badly injured. Kaali slaps Gauri for putting Yug’s life in danger. Yug is hanging between life and death and everyone is worried for him. A pandit tells Leela that Yug’s wife will have to do Vatsavitri Pooja to save his life. Leela is in a dilemma as she cannot reveal to the world that Kaali is Yug’s wife but she has to make her do the pooja to save Yug. Manjari wants Kaali to pray for Yug being his wife. However, Leela makes a plan and saying that Kaali will do the Pooja being the Kaala Teeka. However, Gauri invites Aryan there with the intention to make Kaali do the pooja for Aryan whereas she will pray for Yug. However, at the last moment, Kaali exchanges the thali and she completes the Pooja for Yug. It will now be seen that Yug will regain his consciousness because of Kaali’s payers. Kaali will try to prove to Gauri that her prayers helped him Yug to recover. However, Gauri knows that Leela will never accept Kaali as daughter in law because of her pride.  Gauri will give a challenge to Kaali to make Leela accept her as her daughter in law in the next 7 days or go away form Yug’s life forever. Kaali accepts Gauri’s challenge and will be determined to win over Leela’s heart and trust. Gauri will try to create problems for Kaali to make sure she does not complete the challenge.

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