Kaala Teeka: Kaali wins over Leela’s heart protecting her self-respect

Jun 09, 2016

Kaala Teeka: Yug (Rohan Gandotra) comes to know about Kaali (Simran Pareenja) and Aryan’s fake marriage

The upcoming episodes of Kaala Teeka will show that Yug will finally come to know the truth about his and Kaali’s marriage. Kaali is determined to get accepted by Leela and the rest of the family being Yug’s real wife within one week’s time as she gets challenged by Gauri. Kaali thinks that she will have to protect Yug’s family’s self-respect to win over Leela’s heart. The pandit calls up Leela and tells him that she made him do a big crime by ask him to lie about Aryan and Kaali’s marriage. Leela says that she has already paid him enough money to keep his mouth shut. However, the pandit demands an antique Kalash saying that she will have to hand it over to him or else he will divulge her truth to everyone.

Leela gets tensed and decides to give the antique kalash without telling anyone in the family. Kaali sees Leela going out of the house on the sly along with the Kalash and thinks that Leela must be in some kind of trouble. Gauri thinks that she will use this situation for getting revenge form Leela as she is always shouting on her. Gauri tell everyone that the kalash has been stolen. Everyone questions Leela about the kalash and Leela is tensed thinking that she cannot tell anyone that he has given it away to the pandit.

However, Kaali arrives just then along with the pandit and also brings the Kalash along. Kaali saves Leela’s self-respect as she says that Leela had taken the kalash to the temple to get it purified. Leela gets impressed with Kaali’s efforts to save her in the nick of time. It will soon be seen that Yug will catch the same Pandit and question him about Aryana and Kaali’s marriage. Yug will come to know about the fake marriage and the entire conspiracy will finally be known.

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