Kaala Teeka: Kaali’s fight to get accepted as Yug’s wife

May 18, 2016

Kaala Teeka Kaali (Simran Pareenja) turns Kaala Teeka once again to enter Yug’s (Rohan Gandotra) house

Kaali will soon become a Kaala Teeka for Gauri once again in the upcoming episodes of Kaala Teeka. However, this time Kaali will be fallowing the blind faith for her own purpose in order to get Yug back. Gauri and Leela together make an evil plan where they prove that Gauri is the who married Yug where as Kaali got married with Aryan. Kaali tries to make everyone believe that she did not sacrifice her love for Gauri’s sake but no one believes her. However, Manjari has faith in Kaali and knows that she will never lie. Manjari thinks of coming up with a plan to use blind faith to make Kaali enter in Yug’s house to seek her revenge. On the other hand, Yug is not happy getting Gauri as his bride and makes it clear to her that he will never love her. Manjari starts her plan to prove to Yug’s family that Gauri is inauspicious for Yug. Yug keeps getting into some trouble or the other and Yug’s family is convinced that Gauri is a bad omen without her Kaala Teeka. As a result Kaali will soon be asked to join Gauri in Yug’s house as her Kaala Teeka. This will help Kaali to seek her revenge and get Yug back.

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