Kaala Teeka latest news: Gauri accuses Yug for raping her

Jul 24, 2016

Kaala Teeka latest news: Gauri (Fenil Umrigar) exposed but promises to ruin Kaali (Simran Pareenja) and Yug’s (Rohan Gandotra) marriage

Kaala Teeka will now show Gauri turning completely cruel and blaming Yug for raping her. Gauri finally gets exposed in front of everyone as her evil deeds are revealed by the real baba. The baba tells Leela that the person responsible for the black magic drama will turn black and everyone looks on shockingly as Gauri turns black. Gauri blames the baba for being fake. However, Gauri exposes her own self as she reveals all the tricks and stunts she did while doing the entire black magic drama. Manjari reaches there and exposes Gauri saying that she crated the entire drama so that Kaali could be trapped and also to get Yug and Kaali separated. Although Gauri gets exposed she does not show any repentance and instead she blames Leela for instigating her and promising her that she would get Yug. Leela refuse to accept her crime but Yug realizes Leela’s evil plans to separate him and Kaali. The police arrives there and Gauri and the fake baba get arrested. However, Gauri is not ready to give up and she warns everyone that she will get Yug as her love has turned into madness. On the other hand, Leela apologizes to Yug and accepts Kaali as Yug’s wife in front of everyone. Yug is angry with Leela for all her past evil acts but Kaali convinces Yug to forgive his grandmother as she has realized her mistake. It will now be seen that Gauri will stoop down very low and accuse Yug for raping her. The family will be shocked by Gauri’s accusation and Yug will fall into big trouble. Will Kaali be able to save Yug from Gauri’s false accusations? Will Gauri succeed in her plans? Stay tuned for more updates on Kaala Teeka.

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