Kaala Teeka latest news: Yug and Kaali unite after Gauri’s revelation

May 27, 2016

Kaala Teeka latest news: Yug (Rohan Gandotra) and Kaali (Simran Pareenja) to face trouble from Leela after Gauri reveals truth behind marriage conspiracy

After a lot of twists and turns, Yug finally comes to know about the conspiracy behind his marriage with Gauri in the current track of Kaala Teeka. Yug and Kaali have come with Gauri to place called Bandhavgarh where Yug and Kaali go through several problems. Yug decides to help Kaali in her mission to expose Gauri’s lies but later Yug loses his trust on Kaali once again. Gauri tries to harm Kaali with a poisonous flower but instead of Kaali, Yug gets injured and his life falls into danger. Kaali fights against all odds to the get antidote for Yug’s poison and saves his life in the nick of time. Yug’s life gets saved and he realizes that Kaali truly loves him as she manages to save his life. Yug thinks that he should give Kaali one more chance to prove her point. On the other hand, Gauri gets trapped amid some villagers who make her unconscious and get her hanged on her cross. The villagers demand Gauri to reveal  her lies or else they will throw her in boiling water. Kaali reaches there and feels that Gauri should not reveal the truth before Yug comes or else her revelation will not be of any use. Gauri finally speaks up about the entire conspiracy which was played by her and Leela so that Gauri ends up being Yug’s wife instead of Kaali. Kaali is shocked hearing Gauri’s confession and Yug also reaches there and hears everything. Gauri is finally got down from the cross and Yug confronts her about all the lies and tricks played by her. Kaali and Yug finally unite with each other and hug. However, Yug and Kaali will soon face another problem as Leela will reach there and will refuse to accept their marriage. Let’s wait and see how Kaali and Yug are able to fight against all odds to be with each other.

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