Kaala Teeka: Leela keep Yug and Kaali apart to save herself from ghosts

Jun 30, 2016

Kaala Teeka: Kaali (Simran Pareenja) gets to the bottom of ghost problem to save her and Yug’s (Rohan Gandotra) relationship

The current track of Kaala Teeka shows that Leela is certain that three is some bad omen in the house which is trying to attack only her. Earlier on, Leela had blood coming out of her eyes and then she saw blood coming out of the tap instead of water. Kaali thinks that Leela is having some mental problem and asks Yug to take her to the doctor.

However, Bijli convinces Leela that there is some ghost problem in the house and she should accompany her to a baba. Bijli takes Leela to a baba and the baba tells her that she is under the effect of a ghost. The baba gives a powder to Leela and tells her that if it turns red then she is safe and if the color does not change then there is some ghost problem in her house. Leela gets convinced by the baba’s words and returns home.

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On the other hand, Kaali decides to sacrifice her time with Yug and is ready to live in Dadi’s room seeing her present condition. Kaali wakes up in the middle of the night to check on Yug but she gets shocked hearing Dadi Scream. Everyone gathers in Leela’s room and she tells them that there are hundreds of crows in her room. Yug tries to pacify Dadiu saying that there is nothing but Leela is unconvinced. Leela asks Kaali not to leave her and go again.

Leela tells Chulbul and Bijli that whenever Yug and Kaali get close to each other, the ghost problem increases. Leela is determined to keep them apart  to save herself from the ghost. It will now be seen that Leela will make more and more efforts to keep Yug and Kaali apart. Let’s wait and see whether Kaali is able to get to the bottom of the matter before her and and Yug’s relation get affected further more.

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