Kaala Teeka: Mayank Gandhi to be Kaali’s new husband

Aug 13 , 2016 | | 5 Comments


Kaala Teeka Latest News: Kaali to be saved by mentally challenged man who will turn her new husband, played by Mayank Gandhi

Zee TV’s show Kaala Teeka is set to bring major drama with the entry of new man in Kaali’s (Simran Parinja) life and shockingly this new man will turn out to be Kaali’s new husband.

Actor Mayank Gandhi will soon be entering Kaala Teeka as Kaali’s new husband, however, before he turns Kaali’s husband there will be another major drama. Apparently Kaali will soon face life threatening situation which will further lead to major separation amid Kaali and Yug (Rohan Gandotra). Vishwaveer wants to see his daughter Gauri (Fenil Umrigar) happy at any cost and hence Vishwaveer will not think twice before trying to kill Kaali. Vishwaveer will push Kaali from the cliff to separate her from Yug.

However,  Kaali will not die as she will be saved by mentally challenged man played by Mayank Gandhi. Further, Kaali will be seen getting married to Mayank Gandhi’s character in unexpected situation and this will add up to drama. On the other hand, Gauri will marry Yug. Gauri and Yug will think that Kaali is no more and Yug will be heartbroken. Post these weddings in Kaala Teeka, the show will take a leap of seven months. To Yug and Gauri’s sudden shock, Kaali will return to Yug’s house with her new husband played by Mayank Gandhi.

This whole situation will put Yug and Kaali in major soup.
What will happen to Kaali and Yug’s love story? Actor Mayank Gandhi was seen in small role in Colors’ show Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. In Kaala Teeka, Mayank Gandhi has grabbed a prominent and challenging role of mentally challenged man. How will Mayank’s character change the equations amid Yug, Kaali and Gauri? Only time will tell. Drop in your comments to express opinion on the upcoming track of Kaala Teeka.

5 thoughts on “Kaala Teeka: Mayank Gandhi to be Kaali’s new husband”

  1. The writers of Kaala Teeka are mentally retarded to have so many evil twists. Show started off well but now bakwas. Zee TV serials not fit to be aired. – third class shit!!!

    1. Very true…in this serial, it is scarry to know everybody can be bribed in India – antbody on the street, police and even doctors..the worst of it all, the priests or ‘man of God’, like prohit, vishwa etc do all the cheatings, bribings and even murders…so evil!!!…give India a really bad name, sorry…

  2. Really its bakwas now…..Kali ko yug k pass wapas nhi jana chahiye… usey chandu (Mayank Gandhi ) k sath hi rhna chahiye

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