Kaala Teeka: Yug and Gauri’s life in danger post accident

Jun 02, 2016

Kaala Teeka: Gauri gets drunk and creates big drama in party seeing Yug (Rohan Gandotra) and Kaali (Simran Pareenja) sharing romantic moments

The current track of Kaala Teeka shows a party scene where Gauri creates a big drama. Yug is invited in the party along with his wife and Leela wants both Gauri and Kaali to go with him. Gauri locks Kaali in the room to make sure she does not come. However, Leela frees Kali from the room and Kaali i sure that Yug will come back to pick her. Yug forgets his charger at home and return to the house. Yug takes Kaali along with him to the party and Gauri is furious by this. Yug’s friend calls Kaali as Yug’s wife and Gauri intervenes saying that she is Yug’s wife. Later, Yug’s friend makes everyone play a game where Yug and Kaali get teamed up. Gauri gets furious seeing this and starts drinking. Yug and kaali participate in a blindfold game and search for each other. Later Yug and Kaali play a dancing game where they get romantic with one another. Gauri cannot tolerate to see the closeness between Yug and Gauri and she breaks the glass. Gauri creates a big scene in the party saying that Kaali has stolen her husband. Gauri further says that he father had got Kaali from the roadside and now she is taking away her happiness. In her drunken condition, Gauri tells all the women of the party to beware of Kaali as she will take away their husbands from them. Gauri storms out of the party and gets into her car. Yug is trying to calm down Gauri knowing that she is drunk and can harm herself. Yug sits in the car beside Gauri whereas Kaali follows them in a rickshaw. Gauri starts driving the car rashly and dashes into a truck. Kaali is aghast seeing Gauri and Yug being badly injured and rushes them to the hospital.

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