Kaala Teeka:  Yug leaves the house because of his weak kundli

Jul 17, 2016

Kaala Teeka: Yug (Rohan Gandotra) and Kaali (Simran Pareenja) get seperated again as he decides to leave the house forever

The current track of Kaala Teeka is showing Yug getting blamed by the baba for being the reason behimd the bad omen on the house. The baba tells everyone that there is someone in the house because of whom, he is not able to catch the bad spirit. Baba makes everyone sit in a circle saying that the needle will point at the person who has is a hurdle for them. The needle points towards Yug and everyone gets shocked.

The baba claims that Yug has a weak kundli and because of this, the bad spirit is not leaving the house. The baba tells Yug to go at least 30KM away from the house then all the problems will automatically die down. Yug refuse to believe the baba and threatens to get him handed over to the police. However, Leela is completely convinced by the baba’s words but at the same time she is heartbroken as she cannot keep Yug away from her. Yug leaves the house and Kaali is shattered.

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Leela faints after Yug leaves but suddenly she starts gaining conscious. Kaali calls up Yug and comes to know that he has reached very far away from the house. Leela immediately starts getting better and everyone is shocked seeing that Yug’s absence is starting to show its effect. However, Yug decides to return back home and once again Leela’s condition gets deteriorated. Leela is completely convinced that the problems are taking place because of Yug.

It will now be seen that Yug will not be able to see Leela’s suffering and he will think of leaving the house forever. However, Leela will decide to leave the house and live in an old age home. However, Yug will not allow Leela to go anywhere and instead he will leave. Yug and Kaali will get separated once again but Yug will not give up and will soon make a re-entry to uncover the real culprit behind all this drama.

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