Karan Patel clears the air on snubbing media at Divyanka -Vivek's party

Jul 16, 2016

Karan Patel clears his stand on the recent stories of being rude with media at Divyanka and Vivek Dahiya's wedding party

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya’s wedding, followed by wedding reception and grand party for the TV fraternity turned out to be major mega event of the year. Divyanka and Vivek hosted grand party post the wedding to celebrate their happiness with the colleagues and friends from TV fraternity. The party was arranged in a lounge in Andheri, Mumbai. The event was attended by most big television stars and event was a grand success, even for the media as media got many gossips and bites from the TV actors and actresses.

However, as reported earlier, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein star and Divyanka’s costar Karan Patel was in news for not providing much media bites. It was reported that Karan Patel who came in with wife Ankita Bhargava for the party refused to speak to media and showed lot of attitude to the media. However, surprisingly Karan Patel came out later and spent some time giving his media bite. Some labeled this as Karan’s attention seeking attitude or egoistic behavior. But now Karan Patel himself has given the explanation of his actions.

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As told by Karan, when his car reached the venue of Divyanka and Vivek’s party it was heavily surrounded by the media personnel. Karan had requested them to give space for Karan and Ankita to get out of the car. Karan, apparently, also had promised giving media bites, however, the media personnel kept getting too close to Karan and Ankita, which irked Karan and he refused for any bite. After the situation calmed down, Karan came out again and gave his media bites.

When asked about the same Karan answered “The media was barely at arm’s length when I requested them to stay a little away and bites would be given to all. I got unnerved when I realized it was almost a stampede. I was afraid someone would get hurt and hence I walked away. I have no explanation to offer or even want to consider explaining myself beyond this to the media and the stories that have come out. It’s just sad that one’s attitude is always speculated even if you haven’t done anything wrong.”

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