Kareena Kapoor's witty answer on Pregnancy rumors

Jun 09, 2016

Kareena Kapoor Khan reacts on the pregnancy rumors, denies the rumors in her famous witty style

Bollywood Starlet Kareena Kapoor Khan is off late in media galore constantly either over the controversy of her upcoming movie Udta Punjab or over the rumors of she bearing her first child. Recently the news of Kareena Kapoor Khan being pregnant have gone viral in the media and all across media rumors of Kareena expecting her first child with hubby Saif Ali Khan are becoming the hot topic of discussion.

However, now Kareena Kapoor Khan herself has come forward to clear out these pregnancy rumors and has denied them in most witty way, for which she is popularly known.

Kareena’s pregnancy rumors picked up strongly when Kareena recently attended UNICEF event regarding Girls’s Health and Healthy Menstruation. During the event Kareena took part in the Twister game arranged by the organizers. During the game Kareena was looking awkward and could not bend down despite being one of the most flexible actresses and Yoga experts. Moreover, Kareena was mostly seen covering her belly protectively. All these gestures, made the media believe that indeed there is some good news related to Saif Ali Khan’s Begum.

However, now Kareena Kapoor Khan has reacted over these viral pregnancy rumors. While giving interview to well known tabloid, Kareena Kapoor said “God willing hopefully. I am a woman. But right now there is nothing to say about it.

And Kareena did not fail to put up her witty side up for the fans when she commented on the pregnancy rumors, the actress said “The fact that you all are talking about it is making me super excited. I have five hidden children in London.”

Well that makes it ultra clear that Kareena is nowhere pregnant right now. But we do wish that the actress and hubby Saif will soon paint the town happy with the good news.

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