Kasam latest news:  Raaj’s special gift for Rishi & Tanuja makes Rano burn with fury

Dec 12, 2016

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki latest news: Rano threatens to tell Raaj the news about Tanuja’s (Kratika Sengar) pregnancy but Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) stops her

The upcoming episodes of Kasam Tere Pyar Ki will bring about a dramatic sequence where Raaj will give a special surprise form Rishis and Tanuja which will not go down well with Rano and Mallika. Raaj is completely unaware about Tanuja’s pregnancy news and Rishi wants to keep it a secret from him because of his health conditions. Rishi is still very hopeful for Rishi and Tanuja’s relations and therefore h plans a big surprise for them. Raaj gather all family members in the living room and gifts a Taj Mahal replica to Rano to make her happy. Next, he asks all family members to close their eyes to give them a special surprise for Rishi and Tanuja. Everyone gets a huge shock when Raaj show them a pram which he has got for Rishi and Tanuja’s baby. Raaj expresses his wishes to see Rishi and Tanuja with a baby soon. Rano loses her cool seeing the pram and starts screaming that Rishi and Tanuja will never have a child. Rano also angrily throws the pram and Raaj is shocked by her behavior. Raaj understands that something is wrong and demands to know what had happened in his absence. Rano is about to reveal about Tanuja’s pregnancy but Rishi angrily stops her and drags her away from there. Rishi does not want Raaj to come to know about Tanuja’s pregnancy news as yet as he knows that Raaj respects Tanuja lot and he will be heartbroken by this news. Let’s wait and see what happens when Raaj finally comes to know about the pregnancy news. Stay tuned for more updates on Colors TV show Kasam Tere Pyar Ki.



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