Kasam: Rishi realizes Tanuja is not pregnant & breaks down for not trusting her

Dec 27, 2016

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki: Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) comes to know that Tanuja (Kratika Sengar) was doing pregnancy drama in order to protect Smiley

Here is some thrilling news for all fans and viewers of Colors TV’s popular show Kasam Tere Pyar Ki. Finally, the much awaited moment is going to arrive as Rishi will come to know the truth that Tanuja is not pregnant. Since the past few weeks, viewers are getting to see immense tension between Rishi and Tanuja as Rishi thinks that Tanuja is pregnant with someone else’s baby and she has betrayed him. Rishi does not spare Tanuja and calls her cheap and characterless. However, it gets revealed later that Tanuja is actually not pregnant but she is just doing drama to protect Smiley who is actually pregnant. No one in Bedi house knows about this and Tanuja silently bears all the tortures from family members and Rishi for Smiley’s sake.  It will now be seen that very soon, Smiley’s truth will be exposed and Rishi will come to know that Smiley is the one who is pregnant and Tanuja is not. Rishi will feel deeply hurt and guilty for all the accusations that he has thrown on Tanuja for so long. Rishi will feel very guilty and he will rush to Tanuja and beg forgiveness from her. Rishi will cry in front of Tanuja and will want her to forgive him for not trusting her earlier. Tanuja will not be able to see the tears in Rishsi’s eyes and she will hug him and cry too. Finally all the misunderstandings between them will get over and Tanuja will feel happy knowing that she was able to win back Rishi’s love and trust. This will be beginning of Tanuja and Rishi’s love story where both of them will fall deeply in love with each other and will also want to express their feelings to one another. Stay tuned for more updates on Kasam Tere Pyar Ki.

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