Kasam:  Ssharad Malhotra reveals new love triangle begins amid Rishi & Tanuja

Jan 08, 2017

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki: Dr Aditya (Rohit Khurana) to enter the show and fall in love with Tanuja (Kratika Sengar)

Colors TVs intense love drama Kasam Tere Pyar Ki is all set to start off with a new track very soon with the introduction of a new character. It has already been reported earlier that actor Rohit Khurana is soon going to enter the show playing the role of Doctor Aditya who will be Rishi’s step brother. After evil lady Malika exits the show, the makers will bring in Aditya as the new villain for Rishi and Tanuja’s love. This will the beginning of a new track where Aditya will be seen falling in love with Tanuja. Doctor Aditya will be a single father and he will fall in love with Tanuja soon after he enters the Bedi house. Initially, Aditay will be seen as a positive character but very soon, his true colors will be known and he will turn into a villain. Doctor Aditya will want to get Tanuja’s love and will want to snatch her away from Rishi. This will bring about new troubles for Tanuja and Rishi who will not be able to unite with one another because of new problem cropping up between them.  The story will turn into a love triangle where Tanuja will find herself being trapped between Aditya and Rishi. Actor Ssharad Malhotra aka Rishi has confirmed the news about a new love triangle starting off on the show Let’s wait and see whether Rishi and Tanuja’s love is able to overcome the evil plans of Aditya. Stay tuned for more updates on Kasam Tere Pyar Ki.

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